Flipped Classroom: Animal Adaptations

For my flipped classroom assignment I decided to create a lesson on animal physical and behavioral adaptations. This lesson meets the Virginia learning standard:

3.4  The student will investigate and understand that adaptations allow animals to satisfy    life needs and respond to the environment. Key concepts include:

a) behavioral adaptations

b) physical adaptations.

My unit plan for this class is going to be on life process and the living system. The difference between a physical adaptation and a behavioral adaptation is that a physical adaptation is something an animal actually has such as bright colors, sharp teeth, long feet etc. A behavioral adaptation is something an animal actually does such as migration, hibernation, or spraying an odor. My goal for this flipped lesson is that the students will walk into class the next day having a base knowledge of the difference between a physical and behavioral adaptation.

To help me create my flipped lesson I used the website https://www.powtoon.com. I have never used Powtoons before, but I liked the idea of trying to create a presentation with cartoon characters. I used the free version for this presentation which did offer a variety of characters and objects for the presentation, but the paid version has a much larger collection of cartoons. I would not categorize technology as  a strength for me, so I did have some difficulities trying to make this presentation. My main struggles were with adding audio. Powtoons does offer a useful help icon, but it still took me a while to figure it out. Since the selection of characters was fairly small and the sound was a challenge I am very unlikely to use Powtoons again.

To evaluate the effectiveness of this lesson I included a link on the last slide for students to complete a worksheet and either email or bring to class the next day. The worksheet will analyze the students comprehension of behavioral and physical adaptations of some animals from the Hudson River.

Click below to learn more about some amazing animal adaptations:






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